In community, participants of the FOUNDATIONS OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH course will experience as part of their life-long journey;

- A joy-filled, welcoming, and challenging learning environment employing a variety of adult learning strategies,
- Prayer, Retreat, and Eucharistic celebrations,
- A deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith,
- An Opportunity to share one's own faith story.

COURSE COMPONENTS: Creed, Sacraments, Morality, Prayer, Sacred Scripture, Teacher as Catechist, and Understanding One's Call/Vocation.

Participants are required to attend 5 sessions within a 2 year period to complete this program (total of 40 hrs) - Upon completion of the course, participants will be acknowledged with a FOUNDATIONS OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH course completion certificate.

Note: Attendance at these workshops requires full participation.  Please do not bring with you any school work, or electronic equipment to complete personal or work related tasks during the day. 

2019/20 Foundations of the Catholic Faith Workshops 

  • Wednesday, August 28/2019 - Liturgy & Sacraments (#5)      9:00am-4:00pm        Venue: St. Paul the Apostle Parish Hall (2400 Portage Ave.)
  • Friday, October 25/2019 (MTS PD DAY) - I Believe | We Believe (#1)     8:30am - 3:30pm      Venue: TBD
  • Friday, January 17/2020 - The Scriptures (#3)         8:30am - 3:30pm       Venue: TBD
  • Friday, March 6/2020 - Catholic Morality (#4)        8:30am - 3:30pm        Venue: TBD
  • Friday, May 29/2020 - Prayer & Spirituality (#2)     8:30am - 3:30pm      Venue: TBD

Please note that online registration for each session will open approximately one month prior to each session.  


DATES FOR 2018/19 Foundations of the Catholic Faith Workshops

  • I Believe | We Believe  (#1)  -  We  have combined the two session and will be offering  Wednesday, Aug. 29th session only. 
    • Wednesday, August 29th, 2018       9:00am-4:00pm   Location: St. Paul the Apostle Church Hall ( 2400 Portage Ave.)  
  • The Scriptures  (#3) 
    • Friday, October 19th, 2018 (MTS PD DAY)   8:30am-3:30pm     
      • Session 1 - Facilitators Tom Bailey-Robertson & Koreen Hrizai  Location:   St. Paul the Apostle Church Hall (2400 Portage Ave.)   
        • Gonzaga Middle School, Holy Cross School, St. Charles Catholic School, St. Joseph the Worker School, St. Mary's Academy, St. Maurice School 
      • Session 2 - Facilitators Rob Praznik & Koreen Hrizai   Location: St. Ignatius Parish Hall (255 Stafford St.)
        • Christ the King School, Holy Ghost School, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Our Lady of Victory School, St. Boniface Diocesan High School, St. Edward's School, St. Emile School, St. Gerard School, St. Ignatius School, St. John Brebeuf School 
  • Catholic Morality (#4)
    • Thursday, November 29th, 2018    8:30am-3:30pm        Location:  St. Paul the Apostle Church Hall (2400 Portage Ave.)   
    • Please note that if you do not see the notice saying your registration has gone through on the google form or do not receive any confirmation emails prior to the event you are not registered and should not show up at the workshop.  If you have any questions in this regard you can feel free to contact me at - Thank you for your cooperation
  • Prayer & Spirituality (#2)
    • Thursday, March 14th, 2019                8:30am-3:30pm        Location:   St. Paul the Apostle Church Hall (2400 Portage Ave.)   
  • Liturgy & Sacraments (#5)    
    • Friday, May 24th, 2019                           8:30am-3:30pm        Location:  St. Paul the Apostle Church Hall (2400 Portage Ave.)   


Followup to "Prayer & Spirituality" workshop 

God is AMAZING and we need to continue to find ways to tap into His love.  Below are a few web sites that may be of interest to you.  When we are filled with God’s love to the point we feel it with every breath we take, we are able to love ourselves just the way we are, and just as important we are then more capable of loving others for who they are.

We encourage you to explore these sample sites, some even provide Apps for your cell phone.  Keep searching and with the help of the Holy Spirit you will be guided to the right places, to the prayers that are right for you.

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